The Survival Podcast is NEW and being produced by Hangar Studios with Survival Expert, Mark Puhaly and Narrator Matt Gould

Welcome to The Survivalist Podcast brought to you by Survival Cache, SHTFBlog and Forge Survival Supply.  In each episode we look at different events and catastrophes that could happen in all different areas of the world. Then, we give you the knowledge, resources, and recommendations you need to survive. We’ll explore scenarios from a worldwide financial collapse to a coordinated terrorist attack, to a global climate catastrophe and everything in-between

Mark Puhaly

Mark Puhaly appeared on National Geographic’s Apocalypse 101 that is currently airing on Netflix.  He also published “Everyday Survival Survival PodcastKits – Exactly What You Need for Constant Preparedness.”  Mark is also the co-founder of SurvivalCache.com and Forge Survival Supply.  Mark is a former Enlisted Marine Recon Team Leader/Instructor and Marine Infantry Officer.  Mark is a recognized survival expert.  His expertise ranges from weapons, field craft, survival skills, living off the grid, food preparation, fitness, survival mindset, and more!  Mark brings years of Marine Corps and Survival knowledge & experience to The Survival Podcast.

Matt Gould

Matt Gould has been in the entertainment industry for years.  He produced the National Geographic TVSurvival Podcast show Apocalypse 101.  Matt produced thousands of hours of TV including Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food, TruTV’s Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, and Discovery Channel’s American Chopper.  Matt narrates The Survivalist Podcast and helps create the feel of the public and “Average Joe” in would be survival scenarios and real world events that are happening today.